Educating by means of Art 

RNAF aims at creative and innovative programs of learning. We believe that art integration is important in creating well-rounded, well-prepared learners and leaders. Art is an essential instrument in any complete system of education. Education by means of art is an extremely successful way of teaching seen in recent times, through numerous case studies. Art is a strong means of communication for children giving them complete freedom. It helps our programs to achieve focused objectives across different segments defined by our understanding of existing gaps and dropouts.Our approach to improving learning outcomes continues to serve as a model, both within Mumbai and India. Involving children into art and creative from early years works on their holistic development, which leads to develop fine and gross motor skills, learn to adapt to a new setting and people, work in groups, learn basic problem solving along with knowledge of colours, shapes, symbols, develop vocabulary improving their ability to express new ideas one and one and in group activities, develop abilities and imagination. Children favour colours, rather than words, ace their natural and original means of expression, because, with them, they feel absolutely free. We do not insist on education through art for the sake of art, but for the sake of life itself. 

Living in the slums and around the area are young children who witness violence every day, drop out of school and go down the wrong path by resorting to substance abuse or adopting similar avenues. Our Art camps are created to give these children an equal social platform for them to interact with society. Underprivileged children are mostly disengaged from mainstream education, disruptive or withdrawn and mostly avoid going to school because they can’t keep up with the pace. Our camps are held at slums, villages, municipal schools, balwadis and paatshala’s to encourage the children to stay in school, not drop-out and to show them that learning can be fun. In the last six years we have demonstrated that in a caring and creative environment, even the most problematic child can learn and achieve something, through art.
Conducting of art camps results in collection of registrations for Baalwadi Centres. The Centres running well, resulting in more Art-based workshops for children. It’s a one-time process with a cyclical potential to scale the work. 

Art Camps in slums and villages 

Hyderabad Flim Nagar Art Camp 2020


Jawali Village Art Camp 2019


Art Camp at Adarsh Nagar Refugee Camp 2019

Art Camp Dhobi Ghat Mahalaxmi 2019

Nepean Sea Road- RNAF Balwadi Art Camp 2019

Art Camp for Boys, Parvati Hill, March 2019

Art Camp for Girls, Parvati Hill, Pune - March 2019

Parsik Nagar Art Camp, 2018


Worli Koliwada Village Art Camp 2018

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Republic Day, 2018 Art Camp Bandra 

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Bhayandar Art Camp, July 2017

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Wadia Hospital Art Camp with cancer patient kids - July 2017 

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Mumbai Art Show

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Wadia Hospital Art Camp

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Art Camps for Children

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Art Camp on World Deaf Day 2015

Art Camp Pathway Institute

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