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Vision: "Educate the underprivileged, help make a child cheerful, healthy and creative who is respected in the society and whose rights are protected."


“Misaal Mumbai” is an initiative by Artist Rouble Nagi. It started after Paint Dharavi in 2018 in Mumbai. Soon became Misaal India working across the country. 


The main aim of Misaal Mumbai is not to only colour/beautify the walls. The main aim is to connect to people through Art, bring a positive change in their mindset. Educating through art about the importance of Children Education, empowering Women, creating Job opportunities for Youth, Cleanliness, Hygiene, Sanitation, Waste Management- say No to Plastic & Children health in Slums & Villages. 

Colours will fade in a few years but the positive change we want to bring in peoples mind will stay forever & encourage many more.


 We will be doing this with the help artists, locals, and residents. We have trained some of the younger volunteers from art colleges in painting workshops and ended up employing students volunteers to join the initiative.


The result will be an explosion of rainbow hues that would be visible from far away, stretching from one dwelling to the next in a wave of unexpected energy.

It is a quick way to create visual impact. Our projects will also employ people and give them a sense of ownership over the artworks they create in their own community while improving the condition of their houses.


Colourful surroundings will change the lives of the local community. The main goal is to give life to the slum and keep it clean and hygienic. Everything will be bright and colourful. We merely want to create interventions, that hopefully ignite some other change. 


In the end, we hope our Project “ MISAAL MUMBAI” will help others to set up projects of their own, be it Mumbai or anywhere else in India. Its the first slum painting initiative in India. We have painted and repaired more than 1,50,000 plus homes to date and are currently working in over 163 slums and villages across India. Do Visit our Misaal Mumbai Website for more details. 


You can play an integral role in growing any of our initiatives and helping children discover themselves. Start today Volunteer


Covid-19 Relief Work 2021

Working in Rural Kashmir , Delhi- NCR , Mumbai , Haryana

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food distribution - Copy.jpg
food distribution 2 - Copy.jpg

Covid-19 Relief Work 2020

Currently we are working in Slums & Villages across India : Target Total Impact 2,00,000 + families 

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  1. Dhobi Ghat Slum (Colaba)             

  2. Dhobi Ghat Slum (Malaxmi) 

  3. Ambedhkarnagar,Mumbai 

  4. Gareebniwas Nagar,Mumbai 

  5. Jaffar Baba,Bandra west,Mumbai 

  6. Nehru nagar,Mumbai 

  7. Mankhurd,Mumbai

  8. Patilipara and Dongripada,Thane

  9. Sujata Nagar,Nagpur 

  10. Vinoba Bhave Nagar,Nagpur 

  11. Lashkarni Bagh Nagar,Nagpur 

  12. Mayakund,Rishikesh,Haridwar,Dehradun 

  13. Refugee camp Adarshnagar,New Delhi



15. Laxmangard,Rajasthan 

16. Khudiana,Alwar,Rajasthan 

17. Film Nagar,Hyderabad. 

18. Bhawali, Nandurbar 

19. Sejwa, Nandurbar 

20. Patunda , Nandurbar

21. Shivpur, Nandurbar 

22. Rajapur, Nandurbar 

23. Ekhta Nagar , Nandurbar 

24. Pardeshipura ¸ Nandurbar 

25. Dhulwad , Nandurbar 

26. Viahur Village , Nandurbar

Letters of Appreciation