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Fostering Creativity at the Rouble Nagi Art Foundation in Mumbai"

On September 7, 2023, at the Balwadi/learning center of the Rouble Nagi Art Foundation in Mumbai. The day showcased a variety of activities, including puzzle-solving, assembling together parts of an image and a sweet treat in the form of candy distribution. Moreover, the students had the opportunity to improve their English reading comprehension skills through a set of questions that were provided.

Fostering creativity plays a pivotal role in a child's overall development. It empowers them to express their thoughts, delve into their imaginations, and cultivate problem-solving abilities. Encouraging creativity in children nurtures innovation, sharpens their critical thinking faculties, and enables them to explore unconventional solutions. Let's wholeheartedly support and nurture their creative pursuits, enabling them to unlock their full potential."

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