Women Empowerment Camps 

Our women’s empowerment programs promote skills building, self-esteem, access to information and resources, and community action that position women as confident decision-makers and leaders in their homes and communities. We create a platform where the ideas of Self-Reliance, Entrepreneurship & Employability are all put out there, in front of the women of the communities. Slum and village communities are built on multitudes of socio-cultural contexts and the idea of a woman working and earning an income is still one that has to be negotiated at times. In fact, cleaning and cooking are probably the only acceptable work forms and our aim is to draw attention to how small businesses that are running from home, or respectable jobs in companies and institutions can be a reality for the woman and her family. Through workshops on women and youth empowerment, we seek to open the mind of the community and try to find as many women as possible, who are interested in becoming a part of the Skill Training Centre. 




Economic empowerment is an outcome of the women and youth empowerment workshops, it is a crucial aspect of any significant push to make women full and equal participants in their communities. Strengthening the economic role of women is also critical to reducing poverty, improving health and education outcomes, and achieving other broad development goals. 


Our workshop programs created to provide women with skills, mentoring, access to networks and markets, and financial resources.

Hygiene and Sanitation - Cleanliness Drive 

Hygiene and Sanitation: The prime objective is of raising awareness and encouraging people to adopt good hygiene and sanitation practices across the country. We organise massive cleanliness drives with the support of Municipal Bodies, Residents, Students, Corporates and Celebrities. It is an extension of our long-standing efforts to educate the people living in slums and villages about cleanliness. Workshops are held to educate people about waste management. It is important to drive behaviour change towards adopting healthy hygiene practices with the help of insightful communication.



The workshops revealed a striking increase in attention being paid to the enabling environment which removes barriers and provides opportunities for new hygiene and sanitation practices. Another aspect that creates an enabling environment is through follow up activities like the cleanliness drives with local residents that go beyond the formal conclusion of a project. We ensure that sanitation and hygiene practices that have recently been introduced become ingrained in the day-to-day practice and behaviour of communities. 

Health Camps 

Health and Nutrition:  Decent diagnosis is a distant dream for most slum dwellers, let alone basic health care sometimes. The primary function of our Health Camps is to bring in Doctors and Medical Professionals out onto the ground, to screen the patients in the slums and provide to them proper health-related awareness, advice on treating common symptoms and illnesses, ranging from water-borne diseases such as diarrhea to generic respiratory infections. Water-borne illnesses are the number one cause for child deaths in India. Children weakened by frequent diarrhea episodes are more vulnerable to malnutrition and opportunistic infections such as pneumonia. These Health camps help to tie up the relation between Hygiene, Cleanliness and the sustaining of good Health, very effectively.