Holding art camps for underprivileged children from various slums in Mumbai and Delhi. Our Art camps are created to give the children an equal social platform for them to interact with the society. Underprivileged children are mostly disengaged from main stream education, disruptive or withdrawn and mostly avoid going to school. Our camps are held at municipal schools, balwadis and patshala’s to encourage the children for not skipping school and that learning can be fun. In the last six years we have demonstrated that a caring and creative environment, even the most problematic child can learn and achieve through art.



RNAF each year a selection of young and aspiring artists are chosen for a touring exhibition, which travels across the globe. Artists who cannot exhibit due to financial or physical restrictions are sponsored by the foundation. Handicapped artists have always been a part of past exhibitions and the foundation plans to promote them in the future as well.​



RNAF believes that learning/knowledge is the key to success, As our founder says “ Learn has earn in it”. We provide study material for students going to school even help with admission where required. Vocational Training programs in Art are conducted in-house. We sponsor education in whichever field for older students.



The main aim of Misaal Mumbai is not to only color/beautify the walls. The main aim is to connect to people through Art, bring a positive change in their mindset. Educating through art about the importance of Children's Education, empowering Women, creating Job opportunities for Youth, Cleanliness, Hygiene, Sanitation, Waste Management- say No to Plastic & Children health in Slums & Villages. Slum Painting and repairing initiative by Artist Rouble Nagi. The main goal is to give life to the slums and Villages and keep it clean and hygienic. Everything will be bright and colourful. We merely want to create interventions, that hopefully ignite some other change. In the end, we hope our Project “ MISAAL MUMBAI” will help others to set up projects of their own, be it Mumbai or anywhere else in India. Its the first slum painting initiative in India. We have painted and repaired more than 1,50,000 plus homes to date and are currently working in over 163 slums and villages across India. Do Visit our Misaal Mumbai Website for more details.



Paint Dharavi is a social reform and transformation initiative by Rouble Nagi Art Foundation which started in 2016. The aim was to builds bridges between communities via art and create a community that is aware of the problems and challenges, only once we are aware of the problem can we address them properly. We have successfully held workshops and opened our centers in Dharavi creating environmental advocates who work towards educating people about health and sanitation. Waste management and ways we can stop the use of plastics is an integral part of this initiative.


Through RWI initiatives We bring together innovative technology, e-books, games, and locally-curated content to advance the learning of children in slums and villages in India. Through our centers and Balwadi’s we provide books and educational resources, so the children can discover the joy of reading and writing.

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Registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.


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