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"Fostering Unified Development: RNAF's Art Integration Approach for Well-Rounded Learners & Leader"

RNAF aims at creative and innovative programs of learning. We believe that art integration is important in creating well-rounded, well-prepared learners and leaders. Art is an essential instrument in any complete system of education. Education by means of art is an extremely successful way of teaching seen in recent times, through numerous case studies. Art is a strong means of communication for children giving them complete freedom. It helps our programs to achieve focused objectives across different segments defined by our understanding of existing gaps and dropouts.

Our approach to improving learning outcomes continues to serve as a model, both within Mumbai and India. Involving children into art and creative from early years works on their holistic development, which leads to develop fine and gross motor skills, learn to adapt to a new setting and people, work in groups, learn basic problem solving along with knowledge of colours, shapes, symbols, develop vocabulary improving their ability to express new ideas one and one and in group activities, develop abilities and imagination. Children favour colours, rather than words, ace their natural and original means of expression, because, with them, they feel absolutely free. We do not insist on education through art for the sake of art, but for the sake of life itself.

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