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"Mahalaxmi Dhobighat Celebrates Joy and Generosity: A Festive Afternoon with Art, Gifts, and Founder Rouble Nagi"

On 21st December, at Mahalaxmi Dhobighat, the celebration unfolded with art workshop, engaging students in creative activities, A sense of community as students enthusiastically participated in the hands-on art sessions, creating colorful and meaningful works of art.

The foundation's generosity extended beyond the creative endeavors, the distribution of chocolates, clothes, notebooks, and crayons. This thoughtful gesture aimed not only to bring joy through festive treats but also to address practical needs, ensuring that the children had essential resources for their education and well-being.

The highlight of the afternoon was the presence of the founder, Rouble Nagi, who actively participated in the festivities, interacting with the students and sharing the joy of the season. This personal touch added a special dimension to the event, creating a sense of connection and camaraderie between the foundation, its founder, and the community.

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