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Perspective on life

There’s more to life than what meets the eye,doesn’t everybody aspire to be more than what they are? The only thing I find giving me satisfaction at the end of the day is being happy with myself & knowing I did my best today. What we as individuals experience through the day is personal & how we feel about ourselves post the experience is all within us. Nothing really happens our way does it, but it’s how you let those experiences affect you matters most. Inside each of us is a spiritual being – a being who has been bullied & gagged by the ego & has quietly submitted & completely faded into the background. And it is an awareness of this spiritual self that we crave to awaken throughout our lives. Nothing is happening haphazardly. We are reaping the comeback from actions that we ourselves have performed previously. In order to clear this mountain of karmas,our entire life is choreographed so that,through his grace & mercy,our job card will be cleared when we get to the end of it. And yet our minds still wonder if things could be different. You are Unparalleled,Unmatched & Unique. Life is to be felt inside out & not the other way around, feel bliss always no matter what. #Gratitude & Pranam


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