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Empowering Kashmiri Women: A Testament to Patience, Perseverance, and Progress

Updated: Apr 16

This is the love of my #Kashmir women which inspires me to do more & more for them. Due to heavy rains we were expecting 100-150 women but despite that over 350 women participated in @rnartfoundation #MenstrualHygiene drive today in #Sopore #Baramulla

Empowerment is a process that originates from within an individual’s soul. Having worked on the ground for more than a decade, I can confidently say that women in Kashmir possess the ability to accomplish anything they set their minds to. They are taking proactive steps to empower themselves & their families by developing their skills & obtaining education. This is, without a doubt, a testament to their patience, perseverance & unwavering determination to bring about positive change. The journey towards women’s economic empowerment in Kashmir is progressing, although it may take some time to achieve, it is inevitable. Thank you for all the love. #NayaKashmir #BadaltaKashmir #selfreliantwomen

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