Rouble Nagi Art Foundation is a Mumbai based NGO.Founded by Indian mural artist Rouble Nagi.RNAF is Independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliation. “For me the work I do is very personal, and like to give a 100% always”. This NGO was formed to help children realize and achieve their goals in life, to help them grow as individuals. “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes”- Mahatma Gandhi. Even at our art camps, we have privileged children from private schools interact with underprivileged children, to build a sense of mutual respect when they work as a team for an art project. I think it is important learn the value of what we have, and not take anything for granted. 

We at RNAF encourage children to express their views and be actively involved in improving their communities. Artist Rouble Nagi believes children must realise their full potential in societies which respect people’s right and dignity.  

Vision: "Educate the underprivileged, help make a child cheerful, healthy and creative who is respected in the society and whose rights are protected."


Art, like knowledge, is appendent to values which are independent of the interests, even the noblest interests, of human life, for they are values of the intellectual order. For a true sense of the common good understands that Art and Poetry, though or rather because they deal with an object independent in itself of the rules and standards of human life and the human community, play an essential and indispensable part in the existence of mankind. As an artist I feel I must give back something to people, not because we present pictures to the public or we are making things in three dimension or two; or because one man is using words and another gestures. Such differences exist, of course; it would be foolish to ignore them. But the problems that confront the various artist in living in society are not technical or even “aesthetic” in one traditional meaning of that vague word and cannot be detected if the eye of the observer is trained exclusively upon such elements of works of art as beauty, colour,rhytm, balance, form ,line and so on. They arise because the artist whatever medium, whatever rules, whatever form, whatever tradition he may happen to choose, is still a man among men. 

Theorists in aesthetics are usually concerned with the role of art in reference to the human community. But they should also be concerned with the role of the human community in reference to art. Since the community needs art and the artists, the community has certain duties toward them. Just as the artist must be responsible, so must the community. As an artist I try in my own little way to help children and old people exposing them to color and organizing art camps for them along with NGO's such as Pratham. Its something I enjoy doing. A work of art conveys that spiritual treasure which is the artist's own singular truth, for the sake of which he risks everything and to which he must be heroically faithful. I have taught and learned a lot from these children over the last few years. 

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Registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950.


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